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Hi there! I am so glad we have found each other! Welcome to Living Everyday Strong, where my hope is to empower you to embrace a lifestyle of strength, happiness, and overall wellness.

Let me preface by saying I am not here to sell you a ‘transformation’ or a ‘quick fix program,’ but rather to share insight from my own experiences on the practicality of adopting and LOVING a lifestyle of wellness.

I totally get it…the idea of a ‘healthy lifestyle’ can be overwhelming and maybe even frightening. The thought of giving up your favorite dessert or calorie-laden comfort meal is enough for you to say, “Ehhh, I think I’ll pass on this ‘healthy’ thing.” And exercise, too? No way! You would rather not eat. I know, that was ME. I spent many years with the mindset that I was OK with the way I looked and felt, and if I wanted to slim down, I would just cut calories…lots of calories, because there was no way I was going to exercise. I much preferred lying on the couch watching Netflix or reading a good book over sweating…YUCK.

BUT, let me be the first to tell you…I was wrong. Not about the Netflix vs. sweating part…some days I would still rather be lying on the couch. But I, probably like most of you, was under the impression that adopting a ‘healthy lifestyle’ meant a lot of sacrifice, and a lot more sweaty, and unenjoyable, hard work. And, if you’re anything like me, you only stuck with this rendition of a ‘healthy lifestyle’ long enough to be frustrated with the minimal, and only short term, results. You probably decided it was too hard and not worth it. You probably gave up. I did.

Until, slowly…and reluctantly…my mindset began to change. I was surrounded by people who were already living lifestyles of strength, confidence, balance, and self-love…and I so badly wanted that. While I was hesitant to try new foods, especially healthier alternatives to foods I was already eating, I gave it a try…baby steps at a time, of course.

After many Barre3 classes, and reading multiple fitness blogs and books, I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to be able to [s t a r t] strength training effectively. I began lifting almost daily and added on cardio 2-3 times a week…hello, serious progress! This progress was the kick in the a** I needed to really, fully adopt a lifestyle of wellness. I began to focus more on what I was eating and how it was f u e l i n g my body. I began to e n j o y my workouts, and I looked forward to the hour I got to spend working on myself every day.

I also noticed, after finding a workout regimen that I loved and working my tail off, that I didn’t want to overeat or indulge in foods I knew wouldn’t benefit the way I looked, or felt…this was a big kicker, because I could totally tell a difference in my overall mood and energy levels when I ate foods that were GOOD for my body. This new mindset, and the practicality of embracing a lifestyle of wellness, has led to a transformation in my health, happiness, and overall well-being!

Now that you’ve read my story, let me share how I can help YOU! Like most people, I started this journey with an obvious misconception of what a ‘healthy lifestyle’ actually is, thus taking me on a long, wild ride of trial and error. I don’t want this for you! I am here to provide you with practical tips and ideas that will motivate and inspire you to adopt/embrace/maintain a lifestyle of strength, happiness, and wellness.

Remember, this is a process, not a product, and while weight training is my exercise of choice, I believe that this community can benefit and enhance any form of exercise. So, do what works for YOU! Welcome to the community!

XO, Kristen