20 {Simple} Healthy Habits


Hey, hey! We’re halfway through the week, and if you’re like me, you might be needing a little burst of inspiration to get you going today. No worries, I’ve got ya covered 🙂 I’ve put together a list of 20 simple and easy things you can do to give your health and happiness a boost!

20 healthy habits banner

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Keep sliced lemons in the freezer for quick and easy lemon water.
  3. Always exercise on Mondays. It sets the psychological tone for the rest of the week.
  4. Never go grocery shopping while hungry (duh).
  5. Get up 15-30 minutes earlier than usual and do something for yourself (work out, journal, read, listen to a podcast, etc…).
  6. Make a list of things you are thankful for, and update it often.
  7. Keep almonds and berries handy at home and at work for snacking.
  8. Add liquid stevia to your coffee instead of sugar.
  9. Drink Green Tea (+ liquid stevia to sweeten, not sugar).
  10. Don’t skip breakfast – or lunch or dinner, for that matter. You’re more likely to binge eat later in the day if you’ve skipped a meal.
  11. Read nutrition labels. Even if just for the purpose of making yourself aware.
  12. Buy food with less ingredients.
  13. Replace butter and vegetable oil with coconut oil when cooking.
  14. Drink 1 tbsp of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar daily (with water or apple juice).
  15. Shop around the outer edges of the grocery store.
  16. Set at least one goal for yourself daily.
  17. Spend more time outdoors.
  18. Read for pleasure more often.
  19. Communicate with at least one person each day who builds you up.
  20. Do something every day that makes you happy.

There ya go! Do you have any other healthy habits to add? I’d love to hear them!

XO, Kristen


3 thoughts on “20 {Simple} Healthy Habits

  1. BJ Nelson says:

    I really enjoy your blog! So interesting and full of good information! Thank you for taking time to share. Would you explain the raw apple cider vinger? Thanks! BJ


    • Living Everyday Strong says:

      Thank you! I am so glad you are reading! Sure thing! It has many benefits, but some of the greatest include detoxing the body, promoting good gut bacteria, lowering blood pressure, fighting allergies, balancing blood sugar, fighting colds, clearing sinuses, and aiding in weight loss!


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