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If there is one thing I’ve learned on my health and fitness journey, it’s the more I enjoy what I’m doing, the easier it becomes. While this holds true for a lot of things, I think it is especially true in regards to exercise – if it’s not enjoyable, my head is so not in the game, and I usually end up failing. SO, find a form of exercise you truly enjoy, and don’t waste your time on anything less!

I’ve listed a few ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday schedule. Give them all a try – but, remember…this is most effective if it is enjoyable for YOU.

  1. WALK! Helloooo Fitbit fanatics…I’m talking to you! This is one of my favorites because it can literally be done anywhere…neighborhood, treadmill, track, shopping center, on your lunch break, on vacation, etc. Find a nearby riverwalk or state park trail for a fun day date – it’s even more enjoyable with someone else 🙂
  2. At-Home Routines: These are so great because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get some exercise in. Look up a routine on Youtube and follow along, or browse Pinterest for a circuit workout. Here is a total-body weight training circuit I’ve created to save you some time 🙂 Need some weights? You can use canned goods or water bottles! Found one you like that requires sliders? Towels work great on hard surfaces, and paper plates are my go-to for carpet!
  3. TV Show Challenge: As you settle in to watch your favorite TV show in the evening, create a challenge for yourself to complete throughout the show – 15 squats every time… 10 burpees when so and so says… 20 knee highs for every… and so on. If you get really into it, you’ll turn your fave show into a calorie-burnin’ workout!
  4. Small Changes: I’m sure you’ve heard of these before, but they are so simple you won’t even realize you’re getting extra exercise! Park farther away in the parking lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator (yes, even to the 5th floor), swap your desk chair for a balance ball chair (like this one), and if you’re feeling really crazy…opt for a standing desk at work. Just stay active throughout the day, and you’ll see these small changes start to add up!

Remember, this is a lifestyle change…not a chore! Embrace it with a positive mindset, and let it work its magic 🙂

XO, Kristen


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