It’s the First Week of F I T M A S

Happy Sunday. Happy first week of December. Happy first week of F I T M A S! The Facebook group has been filling up quickly, and we have already kicked off 25 days of Fitmas Fun!

It’s not too late to be added to the Facebook group – just fill out the form at the bottom, and I’ll get you access!

If you’re not on Facebook but would still like to join in, check here weekly for all of the goodies. The weekly schedule will be posted on Sunday evenings, and 3 new workouts, along with some of my favorite recipes, will be released throughout the week. Stay tuned for wellness tips and encouragement!

Fitmas Week 1 Schedule.png

CLICK HERE for the Fitmas Meal Plan template!

Want in on the Facebook group OR to have the weekly recipes and workouts emailed to you? Fill this out:


Here’s to a holiday season filled with J O Y and wellness!

XO, Kristen


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