Upper Body F I T M A S Workout

Happy 3rd day of F I T M A S! I challenge you to write down 3 things you are grateful for today.

I’ll start. Today, I’m grateful for…

  1. the ability to exercise
  2. the joy and happiness of this time of year
  3. coffee. strong coffee.

Your turn – GO!

Here is the first workout of the Fitmas season!

If you’re ALL IN, you’ve committed to 30 minutes of movement every day. I’m sharing 3 free workouts each week, and they’re each designed to take about 30 minutes. For the other 4 days, I challenge you to find 30 minutes and just m o v e – take a walk, play with your kids, follow a yoga video on Youtube, etc… just move.

Fitmas Week 1 Schedule (1)

Give it a try, and share your sweaty selfie! Check back in Wednesday for the next workout.

Want in on the Facebook group OR to have the weekly recipes and workouts emailed to you? Fill this out:

XO, Kristen

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