Lower Body F I T M A S Workout

It’s the 5th day of Fitmas, which means . . . another workout! Lower body today – get moving! This workout is designed to take about 30 minutes, and it can be done at home with dumbbells or in a gym with free weights and/or machines. Literally, no excuses.

Strength training is my most favorite way to start a weekday [after a big cup of coffee, of course]. I started with zero confidence and had absolutely no idea what I was doing [full story here], and I’ve spent the past 3 years working towards a strong and lean physique. Three years in, and I am doing these workouts w i t h you! The longer [and harder] I work at this, the heavier I am able to lift. And, while I might be loading up a barbell for these workouts now, there was a time [not too long ago] when I celebrated moving up to the 8 lb dumbbells. Everyone starts somewhere.

These workouts can be modified for ANY fitness level. SO, put in the work, embrace the suck-y days, enjoy every ounce of progress, and find your best self in the transformation.

Let’s do this one together!

Fitmas Week 1 Schedule (3)


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XO, Kristen

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