Overnight Protein Oats [+ freebie]

If you’re looking for a simple, nutritious, and filling breakfast that you can prep a few days at a time, I’ve got you covered! There are endless possibilities with this one . . . take it and run with it.

My most favorite add-ins are blueberries, cinnamon, and almond butter. YUM.

Fitmas Recipes.png


Small Change Challenge

It’s no secret – this lifestyle happened for me one small change at a time. Overwhelming can be discouraging [and it rarely lasts]. My goal is to help you embrace + e n j o y  a lifestyle of wellness, so let’s do this one small change at a time. Choose one or two of these to focus on this week [more if you’re feeling ambitious], and really adopt them. I mean really. Make them habit. YOU can do this. YOU are worthy of happiness, health, and wellness.

Fitmas Schedule + Workouts (4).png


Want in on the Facebook group OR to have the weekly recipes and workouts emailed to you? Fill this out:


XO, Kristen

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