Sunday Routine & FITMAS Week 3 Schedule

Happy, happy Sunday!

I used to dread Sundays and the coming of the work week, but I’ve come to appreciate the slow down and embrace the quiet chaos. I turned my moping and avoidance into a productive routine that sets me up for a successful week and leaves plenty of room for the things that make my heart happy. If you’re stuck in the Sunday Scaries, this one is for YOU!


My Sunday Routine:

  • wake up without an alarm [7ish], make a cup of coffee, and get ready for the day
  • quiet time with Jesus – devotions, stream a church service [loving Elevation right now!], gratitude journal
  • exercise – take a walk, stretch, head to the gym for a quick sweat, etc . . . anything to add a little movement to my day
  • brain dump my ‘to-dos’ for the day and schedule the week ahead in my planner
  • l u n c h
  • [time block: 2 hours] laundry, cleaning, and meal prep
    • this doesn’t always take 2 hours, but I make it a priority to spend no more than 2 hours on this – work efficiently, get it done, enjoy the rest of the day
  • self-care time – read a book, take a bath, paint my nails, catch up on social media, watch a movie, etc . . . just an hour or so spent doing something that fills my cup
  • get ready for Monday – gym bag packed, work bag packed, coffee ready to brew, lunches prepped to pack
  • cook dinner and enjoy a quiet evening of quality time with my husband
    • this is the BEST part, because I can fully enjoy every minute knowing everything is prepped and ready for the week in front of us
    • this is also the most i m p o r t a n t part – don’t waste anymore Sundays dreading the week ahead . . . prepare for it, let it be, and make room for the good stuff – the ‘happy heart’ stuff – the stuff that makes this life so great . . . soak it all in

The key to this routine is flexibility. Every Sunday isn’t perfect, and every now and then I catch myself slipping back into my old mindset. Instead of letting it spiral out of control, I refocus my priorities. Set a timer, choose productivity for an hour or so, then enjoy the slow down with the people who matter most. Keep the main thing the main thing, and there is no room for the Sunday Scaries.

Take your Sunday back!


FITMAS Week 3 Schedule

Fitmas Schedule + Workouts (7)

Grab your meal plan template here! Don’t forget to set your goals for the week [2-3 short-term and 1 long-term] and check in with your goals from last week. You’ve got this, babe! I’d love to hear some of your goals to better help you reach them. Comment on this post, or email me at and let’s connect!

Here’s to another week of happiness, health, and wellness during this holiday season!

XO, Kristen

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