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What better way to head into the weekend than with an arms and abs workout?! I love throwing this training day in every now and then . . . it’s just F U N!


Keep reading for a few tips on how to set yourself up to stay on track this weekend [but still enjoy alll the good things].

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This is a new workout from the March workout calendar! Work out with me this month, and let’s get strong and lean t o g e t h e r! Want to level up? Use my 4-Week Strength Training Program and Meal Guide to burn fat, build muscle, and live W E L L.

This probably deserves it’s own blog post, but . . .

Here are just a few habits I have put into practice to ensure that the weekends don’t set me back!
  1. Drink a LOT of water! I aim for at least 100 ounces a day, and I always always always drink a glass of water in between *drinks* if I’m out with friends.
  2. Exercise. I do not skip workouts just because it’s the weekend. In fact, since I’m not on a time limit and don’t have to go to work immediately after, these tend to be my best workouts of the week. Some days may be active recovery, such as walking on the treadmill or exploring a new place by foot, but I make staying active a priority!
  3. Eat plenty of vegetables. Sneak some spinach in your shake or load up on cauliflower oats before heading out . . . find a way to get them in! Even when you’re out at a restaurant, choose and option that comes with veggies and eat them first. You’re less likely to fill up on the starchy carbs if you eat the vegetables first.
  4. Don’t sweat it. Indulge, have fun, ditch the guilt, and get right back on track Monday morning! Do NOT let an unhealthy meal or less active weekend derail your lifestyle. Balance is key . . . enjoy the good things and know that you’ll be back to the grind Monday morning. You’ve got this!

Here’s to a happy and healthy weekend! What do you have planned?

xo, Kristen

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