Best & Favorite (Affordable) Workout Clothes

SO many requests for this post, so here ya go! I’m sharing my most favorite workout clothes . . . the very best of the affordable, and the pricey items that are actually worth the money.

Confession #1: I only spend an hour a day in these clothes, but I have a larger collection of workout apparel than work apparel. Something about a new gym outfit gets me extra motivated to work out! Anyone else?

Best and Favorite Workout Clothes

Here are a few specific things I look for when buying new workout clothes . . .

  • My training is a combination of lifting and high intensity cardio, so my clothes need to stay in place through a lift, but not be too restrictive that I can’t sprint in them.
  • Leggings must be squat-proof [not see-through, even in a deep squat].
  • I can’t stand the crop length (personal preference), so all of my leggings are either full-length or 7/8.
  • I like for my shorts to be loose enough that I don’t have ‘love handles,’ but tight enough that they stay in place without riding up during my workout. (Picky? Yes. Silly? Maybe. But, feeling comfortable in my workout clothes is super important to me.)
  • I tend to choose neutral tank top colors so that I can mix-and-match outfits fairly easily. I like a little extra ‘girly’ detail on a plain tank top, just for fun!

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

I’m breaking this up into several categories . . . stores, tops, leggings, shorts. Leave your favorites in the comments! I’m always looking to add to my collection!


  • TJ Maxx & Marshall’s – Literally all of my sports bras and most of my leggings come from either of these places. You can’t beat the deals!
  • Old Navy – The BEST selection of cute and comfy workout tanks! Not a huge fan of the leggings though . . . they don’t stay in place that well on me, and I don’t feel as though I can move in them as easily.
  • Academy Sports (Nike only) I’m a sucker for the Nike Pro shorts, and Academy usually has a good selection and decent price. I also have a few Nike tank tops . . . they’re durable and they usually come in a variety of colors!
  • Lululemon – Confession #2: I swore I’d never jump on this bandwagon and pay this much for leggings . . . until I did. Never looking back. Absolutely WORTH the money. See the ‘leggings’ section below for my favorites!

Online Only

  • LiveFit – Love their tanks!
  • Gymshark – I have several pairs of their leggings and love them, but have been disappointed with their shipping/customer service lately. Sharing anyways because this could change!
  • Adoration Apparel – I found this company through Instagram and loved their ‘faith’ racerback tank . . . super comfy and great fit. Bonus: their mission rocks!
  • The Be Brand – Cute and comfy tanks!


from Old Navy

price: $15-$20


from Nike (Academy Sports)

price: $20-$25


from Live Fit. Apparel (online only) 

price: $20-$25


from Adoration Apparel (online only)

price: $28

Adoration Apparel Faith Racerback Tank


from TJ Maxx / Marshall’s (90 Degree by Reflex brand)

price: $15-$20


from Gymshark 

price: $35-$60


from Lululemon

price: $95-$115 but worth every penny . . . just trust me

from left to right – Align Pant 25″ (best for lower intensity workouts), Wunder Under 7/8 (versatile – great for all workouts), Wunder Under Full-On Luxtreme 28″ (best for lifting!)

*for reference ONLY – I wear a size 4*


Nike Pro (from Academy, Amazon, Nike, etc . . .)

price: $25

Nike Pro 3 Shorts

Remember to drop your favorites in the comments! Here’s to a happy and healthy week!

xo, Kristen

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